“The Dajjal will only be king when only the blind are left in the valley.”


‘In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’ is from Erasmus, Adagia.

The visually-impaired will mistake the Dajjal, the one-eyed ‘Antichrist’, for Christ returned. But the believer, complex or simple, will be spared this ironic myopia.

Our two eyes represent our perception of inward and outward, and bless us with the gift of perspective. In the end-times, and, proportionally, during lesser times of decadence, religion will be all exoteric or all esoteric. Externalists will obsess over what is in its nature relative, and the false Salafism is one sign of what can result. Esoterists will be lazy over the Law, and will claim that all religions are in essence one. Riddastan and liberal ‘Interfaith’ are among the fleetest horsemen of the apocalypse.

The Dajjal is a form of the demonic. He was anticipated by Iblis, who refused to bow to Adam, seeing only a terracotta statue. Iblis was the first false Salafi, a literalist whose obsessive misunderstanding of monotheism and of the avoidance of idolatry took him far from spiritual wisdom.

When the angels bowed to Adam,
he said to the one who saw the outward alone:
‘Fool! Do you think that I am nothing but a small body?’
Do not gaze upon Adam’s water and clay, like Iblis.
Behold a hundred thousand rosegardens behind that clay!
With both eyes, see the beginning and the end.
Beware of being one-eyed, like Iblis the accursed.

(Source: Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions, Contention No. 4, Pg. 7)

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