Dua for the 15th Night of Shabaan

Aisha (rA) says, Rasulullah ﷺ stood up during the night, performed Salah and prolonged the sajdah to such an extent that I thought he had passed away. I stood up and shook his large toe, which moved. Thus, I returned (to my bed). I heard him saying in Sajdah:


When he raised his head from sajdah and completed his salah, he said, ‘O Aisha or (He said) O Humairah, did you think that Nabi ﷺ has broken his promise with you?’ I said, ‘No, by the oath of Allah, O Rasul of Allah.’ However, as a result of your lengthy sajdah, I thought you had been taken away.’ He replied, ‘Do you know what night this is?’ I replied, ‘Allah and His Rasul know best.’ He said, ‘This is the 15th night of Shabaan. Verily, Allah (SWT) turns (with mercy) towards His servants during the 15th night of Shabaan, forgives all those who seek His pardon, has mercy upon those who request for mercy and delays the affair of those who harbor malice.’

Source: Targib wat Tarhib (Volume 2, Page 119)

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