As Muslims, our character, morals and etiquette should differentiate us from others. Non-Muslims are not so attentive to our beautiful Salaah, Tilawah, Zikr, and other Ibaadaat as they are to our character and dealings with others. Wherever the Sahabah (RA) went, it was their character which attracted so many, which often became the focus of attention as well as admiration.

How many of us can present trustworthiness, honesty and truthfulness as outstanding traits within us, let alone beautiful speech and beautiful etiquette in our dealings with people? This is one of the main reasons why a large number of non-Muslims remain aloof from Islam. Our poor character and our poor dealings have become a barrier to them coming into Islam. It is as if we are standing at the door of Islam, and keeping them out – or pushing them away. Have we ever given thought as to how we are going to answer for this?

Islam is not only Salaah, Fasting, Hajj and ‘Umrah. These forms of worship only make up one branch of Shariah. The person may be fulfilling the rights of the Creator (Allah Ta’ala) but he is at the same time displeasing Allah Ta’ala by neglecting and violating the rights of creation (Makhlooq).

There are 5 branches of Shariah: Aqa`id (Beliefs), Ibaadaat (Worship), Mu’amalaat (Business Transactions and Dealings), Mu`asharat (Social Dealings), and Akhlaaq (Character). Every Muslim has to make an effort to correct all of these branches for perfection of Islam. It must not be that any one of us returns to Allah Ta’ala with plentiful of Ibaadaat, which subsequently accrues to others and is lost to ourselves.


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