Slaughter Your Ego

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Shah Shahidullah Faridi

Shah Shahidullah Faridi (John Gilbert Lennard) (1915–1978) was a British Muslim Convert, born to a Christian family.⁣⁣

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Discipline of Sufism


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Nafs Is A Comedian

“Nafs is a comedian. So enjoy your Sufism!”


Humour is a divine subtlety in man, rooted in the absurdity of the possibility of human disagreement with reality. Its absence from nature indicates that it is connected to the struggle of the spirit, which only man can know. Lying or mockery are forbidden by the Sunna; and yet three forms of humour will do us immeasurable service.

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Understanding Tasawwuf Part 3


The Model of Sahaba:

  • What is the prophetic model of Tazkiyah? How did the Prophet ﷺ do this?
  • He ﷺ has been tasked by Allah SWT to purify them.
  • ‘Them’ in the first instance obviously means the Sahaba’e kiraam RA.
  • The Hadith literature provides you with a picture of how the Prophet ﷺ did this Tazkiyah and how the Sahaba RA were students of Tazkiyah.
  • As much as the Prophet ﷺ is a model for us, the ideal type, the Sahaba RA are models in the sense that they have shown us how to follow that ideal type.

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Understanding Tasawwuf Part 2


Primary Sources:

  • What is the Quranic model of tazkiyah and what is the nabawi model of tazkiyah?
  • We always begin with our primary sources.
  • We always launch any aspect of Islam from the primary sources of deen – the Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ.

A Purified Heart:yawma-la-yanfau-mal

  • Allah SWT has emphasized the importance of tazkiyah in the Quran-e-Kareem.
  • Also, Allah SWT has stressed that our entire success on the day of judgement will be based on whether we can bring to Allah SWT a purified heart.
  • Yawma-la-yanfau-maal … Remember, recall that day, prepare yourself for that day when neither your sons or wealth will be of any benefit …
  • The only person that will benefit on that day will be that person who will bring a pure and untainted heart to Allah SWT.
  • Salim means sahih and saalim. A pure, purified, untainted and unblemished spiritual heart.

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Understanding Tasawwuf Part 1


Surah Ash-Shams:

  • Wash shamsi wa duhaha … qad afhlahaman zakkaha … wa qad khaba man dassaha …
  • Allah SWT uses many of His Uslook or rhetorical devices in the Quran. One of them is qasam (oath). Allah SWT swears by something in His creation.
  • Allah SWT has used the greatest number of consecutive qasams in Surah Ash-Shams.

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