Understanding Tasawwuf Part 3


The Model of Sahaba:

  • What is the prophetic model of Tazkiyah? How did the Prophet ﷺ do this?
  • He ﷺ has been tasked by Allah SWT to purify them.
  • ‘Them’ in the first instance obviously means the Sahaba’e kiraam RA.
  • The Hadith literature provides you with a picture of how the Prophet ﷺ did this Tazkiyah and how the Sahaba RA were students of Tazkiyah.
  • As much as the Prophet ﷺ is a model for us, the ideal type, the Sahaba RA are models in the sense that they have shown us how to follow that ideal type.

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Understanding Tasawwuf Part 2


Primary Sources:

  • What is the Quranic model of tazkiyah and what is the nabawi model of tazkiyah?
  • We always begin with our primary sources.
  • We always launch any aspect of Islam from the primary sources of deen – the Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ.

A Purified Heart:yawma-la-yanfau-mal

  • Allah SWT has emphasized the importance of tazkiyah in the Quran-e-Kareem.
  • Also, Allah SWT has stressed that our entire success on the day of judgement will be based on whether we can bring to Allah SWT a purified heart.
  • Yawma-la-yanfau-maal … Remember, recall that day, prepare yourself for that day when neither your sons or wealth will be of any benefit …
  • The only person that will benefit on that day will be that person who will bring a pure and untainted heart to Allah SWT.
  • Salim means sahih and saalim. A pure, purified, untainted and unblemished spiritual heart.

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Understanding Tasawwuf Part 1


Surah Ash-Shams:

  • Wash shamsi wa duhaha … qad afhlahaman zakkaha … wa qad khaba man dassaha …
  • Allah SWT uses many of His Uslook or rhetorical devices in the Quran. One of them is qasam (oath). Allah SWT swears by something in His creation.
  • Allah SWT has used the greatest number of consecutive qasams in Surah Ash-Shams.

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