Balaghal Ula Bikamalihi


When Sheikh Saadi Shirazi started writing his most famous Rubai in praise of the Prophet ﷺ, he couldn’t write the final verse. While working on it, he slept. In his dream, he saw the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ along with his companions. He asked Saadi why he looked troubled. Saadi replied that he didn’t know how to finish his Rubai. The Prophet  ﷺ asked him to recite it for him. So he did:

“Balaghal-ula be-Kamal-e-hi
Kashafad-duja be-Jamaal-e-hi
Hasunat jamee’u Khisaal-e-hi.”

The Prophet ﷺ added the final verse by reciting:

“Sallu alae-hi wa Aal-e-hi.”

Therefore, this Rubai, written by Sheikh Saadi, was completed by Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ himself.


He attained exaltation by his perfection
He dispelled darkness by his beauty
Beauteous are all his qualities
Benediction be on him and on his family.

2 thoughts on “Balaghal Ula Bikamalihi

  1. Sallu Alaihe Waalehi
    How authentic is the story of the Muhr e Nabuwat: Prophet Muhammad had in his shoulder & Imam Ghazali had the same muhr?


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