Why Can’t You Be Like Abu Dam Dam

Why can't you be like Abu Dam Dam

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was once sitting with his companions and he said, ‘Why can’t you be like Abu Dam Dam?’ They replied, ‘And who is Abu Dam Dam, O Rasoolullah ﷺ?’

He replied, ‘Abu Dam Dam is a man who Allah mentions amongst the angels with pleasure. He is a man who wakes up everyday and says, ‘O Allah, I give my honour and my life to you in charity! Whoever from the Muslims harms me, abuses me or is evil to me, I forgive them in this world and I do not seek any recompense from them in the akhirah!’

Abu Dam Dam was a man who was extremely poor. His people would belittle him and look down on him. If anyone struck him, he’d say, ‘I forgive you!’ If anyone spoke evil of him, he said ‘I forgive you!’, If anyone harmed him, he’d say, ‘I forgive you!’ – He never slept with hatred or dislike for anyone no matter what they did. He will be granted the highest abodes of Jannah due to this mercy.

Source: Ibn Sunni, Abu Dawood

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